Service Availability:

Monday till Saturday. Any order received after 1:00 PM on Saturday till 11:59 PM Sunday, will be delivered to you on Monday. We encourage you to plan your groceries accordingly.

Delivery Mechanism:

Dear Customer, thank you for visiting us. For your understanding of the delivery mechanism, it is important for you to understand what is explained below.

When you place an order at Farm to Home, you must understand that there are specific delivery timings against the time that you have ordered.

We deliver either on the “SAME DAY” or the “NEXT DAY” depending on what time you are ordering.

As your trusted e-Grocery supplier, we encourage you to plan your Groceries well ahead of time.

We deliver your order in one of the three timeslots specified by you at the time of placing an order.

The timeslots are: Ordering Time Slot Delivery Time Slot

Ordering Time Slot Delivery Time Slot
12 am to 7 am Delivered "SAME DAY" by 3 pm
7 am - 1 pm Delivered "SAME DAY" by 7 pm
1 pm - 12 am Delivered "NEXT DAY" by 1 pm


If you order today at 12:30 PM, you should receive your order maximum by 7 PM the “SAME DAY”.

A good use case could be “preparing for dinner”.

If you order today at around 3:00 PM, you should be prepared to receive groceries the “NEXT DAY” maximum by 1 PM (could be delivered early depending on when you order).

A good use case here could be “preparing for Lunch the next day”.

If you wake up for NAMAZ early morning or want to order before sleeping, within the timeslot of “12 AM to 7 AM”, you are all set to receive the order “SAME DAY” maximum by 3 PM (could be delivered early depending on when you order).

The use case here could again be “preparing for late lunch or early dinner ”.

Note: you have the liberty to mention your preferred delivery times in the “REMARKS” section while ordering or even through WhatsApp.

We do however have to follow certain delivery times, due to operational restrictions.

We will soon be introducing “Urgent Deliveries” for our customers, whereby we will charge extra for urgent deliveries.

Cancellation/Changes to Order:

You can cancel your orders, maximum within “One (1)” hour of order placement.

If you wish to make changes to your order and add/remove anything, you can WhatsApp on our number “0301-5551155” to do so with in “One (1)” hour of order placement.  


Quality is our priority and we assure freshness every time. Farm to Home delivers high quality nutritious fruits and vegetables to its consumers.

In case you’re unsatisfied by the quality of the produce received, you may ask for a replacement or refund.

We assure 100% Money-Back Guarantee and a refund will be made.


We do not live in a perfect world you see 😊 In some cases (very rarely), we might take orders for a specific product but the right quality product may not be available.

In that case, we would notify you well ahead of time over WhatsApp and edit your invoices accordingly.

In this case you will only be charged for the items that are delivered to you.

We could even be delivering the product later if you of course agree with that approach.